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                      Over the past 27 years, as a reliable zirconia supplier, we have grown together with our partners and can provide a series mature solutions for your own case. Choosing our products means choosing to be different!

                      About Size

                      In 2005, Jiangxi Size Materials Co., Ltd established with the purpose to expand its production scale thanks to tremendous demands of its product based on Farmeiya Materials, Co.,Ltd which founded in 1995.after years ...

                      Engineering Technology Research Center
                      The company has platforms such as Jiangxi multi-functional zirconia material engineering technology research center, provincial enterprise technology center and the third batch of specialized special new "little giant" enterprises of the Ministry of industry ...

                      Manufacturing Capacity

                      With two production factories of coprecipitation and hydrothsis-hydrothermal process which include 4 production plants, Jiangxi Size Materials Co., Ltd can provide the market with more than 10 kinds of products with a production capacity up to 4000 tons per year...

                      Cooperative Colleges

                      The company and the platform have carried out scientific and technological cooperation with Tsinghua University, Shanghai Silicate Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, South China University of technology, China University of mining and technology, Hubei University of technology, Jingdezhen Ceramic University, Jiujiang University and other universities and scientific research institutes, ...

                      Quality Service

                      With 20 years experience running ISO9001 Quality managment system, Jiangxi Size materials Co.,Ltd have a professional team to improve and surpervise our product`s qualtiy.We using APQP, SPC,MSA,FMEA,PPAP and following control procedures to grantee the long-term satification of custumers to our product...


                      159-7994-3880(Mr. Lu)

                      151-7029-8284(Mr. Liu)

                      137-6727-0664(Ms. Xu)

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